Who are we?

Dr Maeva Leitwein

Coming from the academic world and originating from the Molène archipelago in Brittany, I am particularly interested in the use of genomic tools for biodiversity conservation.

My research interests are mainly focused on the understanding and evaluation of evolutionary mechanisms that modulate intra- and inter-population biodiversity at different time scales.

After a Master's degree in marine biology, I specialized during my PhD in the use of genomics to assess the consequences of introducing domesticated individuals into wild populations. During my post-doctorate in Canada, I used genomic and epigenomic tools to study the impact of fish farms on the genomic heritage and selective value of wild populations. In particular the understanding of the evolutionary forces (positive or negative) that modulate the genomic landscape of natural populations.

Back in France since 2021, I am now studying the effects of temperature, in the context of global warming, on sex determinism in the European sea bass.  Coupled with this, I study the effects of lineage mixing (ancestrality) on the phenotype of individuals and the consequences in the adaptation of species to their environment.

Within LDgenX, I bring my expertise in genomics to answer conservation questions for a better management of natural and domestic populations.


Maeva Leitwein

Dr Maeva Leitwein - Co-Founder LDgenX

Dr Emilie Delpuech

Passionate about living organisms and their study, I devoted a large part of my academic career to learn the specificities of plant and animal biology.

In view of the advancement of biological data analysis methods, I specialized in bioinformatics. Today I have the knowledge to analyze different datasets called Omics.

Thanks to my double training in life sciences and computer science, I have the ability to integrate myself in various biology projects allowing me to set up the best possible bioinformatics approach for the question asked. In my analyses, I use different types of computer languages to build analysis pipelines to answer biological questions.

During my PhD and my two post-doctorates I have been involved in animal genetics topics in order to improve genomic selection of farmed species from genetic and phenotypic data.

I therefore put at the service of LDgenX all my knowledge in computer development in order to perform the most specific analyses of the study subject


Dr Emilie Delpuech - Co-Founder LDgenX

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